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  • Australia Awards Short Course (AASC) in Introduction to Logistics

Australia Awards Short Course (AASC) in Introduction to Logistics

  • Date 07
  • 01
  • 2020

Australia Awards Short Course (AASC) in Introduction to Logistics

These trainer

  • Ms Lou De Castro Myles, Course Designer/Leader & GEDSI Advisor
  • Mr Wayne Striplin (International Trainer)
  • Mr Dương Quốc Việt (Vietnam Trainer)
  • Dr Ho Thi Thu Hoa (Vietnam Trainer)


This Australia Awards Short Course (AASC) in Introduction to Logistics for VET teachers and trainers from Aus4Skills partner colleges will improve the capacity of these colleges to offer relevant courses in the select logistics occupations supported by Aus4Skills. This high value training aims to improve the quality of VET graduates to meet employers’ requirements. It will also assist participants in applying relevant and suitably contextualised competency-based training and assessment approach to students of logistics, building a wider base for change within the sector.

The AASC will include an in-Australia and in-Vietnam components. The in-Australia component will demonstrate firsthand how Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) deliver practical and innovative on-site training sessions through hands-on and simulation activities involving contemporary systems and technologies. The inVietnam components will be theory-based as well as offer practical opportunities for training design and development. All components will expose participants to the theoretical and practical elements necessary to develop a contextualised competency-based approach to training and assessment in conjunction with industry partners.


This short course will be delivered by Strategix Training Group (Strategix) - an Australian RTO, in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) - an Australian university.

This AASC should enable participants to

  • Gain introductory knowledge of the logistics supply chains required to effectively manage the flow of goods
  • Understand the concepts of, and trends in, transport and logistics industry, and management of international logistics (incl freight forwarding)
  • Develop practical approaches to engage relevant stakeholders to support training design and delivery
  • Increase capacity to lead the development of competency-based training design and delivery that actively engages logistics’ industry enterprises and embeds gender equality, disability and social inclusion principles.
  • Gain practical skills in designing storage and handling facilities, operating a warehouse, and transporting goods (i.e. calculating mass, area and quantifying dimensions; securing loads in land transport etc)
  • Gain practical skills in operating a forklift truck and using modern technologies in the workplace
  • Plan and develop relevant Application Projects that demonstrate knowledge and understanding of TVET and the Logistics industry
  • Establish and expand personal and professional networks in Vietnam and in Australia.


  • Assessment of participants’ learning achievement will be integrated throughout the Activity and introduced as part of the Learning Management Strategy. Specific assessment outputs will include:
  • Active engagement in Action Learning tasks
  • Learning Syntheses presentation as class leader and/or participants covering all AASC Blocks
  • Application Projects (project plan, presentation summary, implementation strategy, and results).